The Dreamcatcher

November 24, 2020

The book explores the relationship between nature in all its forms, humans and art.  
The 150 black and white photographs taken around the city of Vancouver tell the story of their intricate interconnectedness.  
It is a cautionary tale narrated from the perspective of the animals that live in the city’s streets and its parks.  
Set in the time of the COVID pandemic, the consequences of human action are a stark reminder that life on this planet can continue without us.
The book is a reflection of how as humans we have been given the great gifts of Dreams and Hope.

It is a magical story weaving indigenous mythology such as the Spirit of Lightning and Thunderstorm and the fantasy of Planet Limbo to make the reader wonder whether the animals will help bring the children back to earth before it's too late. The book urges us to consider what legacy we want to leave our children and what kind of ancestors we want to be.  

The book’s proceeds of sales will go to
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.


In a city hit by the deadly Virus, only a few elders have survived, as they are the safekeepers of the Memory of the World. With the help of the Totems, the Spirits of Lightning and Thunder have taken the children to a safe Planet. An old couple, Armita and Herbert, have a dream: bring the children back before they die to entrust them with the Memory of the World. They need the animals' help to intercede with the Great Spirit, but the animals do not trust humans. Armita has to convince them that humans can change
and have an essential role on this Planet. Through her determination and kindness, she finds the part of human ART a convincing subject. This book, illustrated by 150 black and white photographs, was inspired by women's wisdom in ancient traditions and their role as the Planet's safekeepers.

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