Artist Statement

     there is beauty
      where there is Beauty
       there is art
        where there is art
         there is hope


Daria Cipriani was born in Tuscany, Italy, and she now lives between Vancouver Canada and Italy.

Her love affair with the lens started at 19 when she boarded her first ship as a Merchant Marine officer, carrying a sextant and a small camera.

As she crossed the oceans the camera became her constant companion, documenting her experience. Today she continues to travel worldwide as a professional photographer.

She is internationally known for her images of people, their struggles and moments of joy, their interactions with their immediate societies and surroundings. These images freeze fragments of human experience in the urban habitat, raw testimony of a fleeting present.

For the past three years Daria Cipriani has been engaged on a project with the Canadian First Nations Native peoples, documenting their culture and their deep and abiding connection with nature, which are depicted in her latest works.

Daria Cipriani is represented by Simons Gallery (The Netherlands, Miami, Mexico City) and has exhibited at Art Basel Week Miami, at Spectrum 2015, Aqua Art Miami in 2016, Art Miami Context in 2017, New York Art Expo in 2017, Tokyo Art Fair in 2018, Art Miami Context in 2018, Art New York in 2019.

Her work is included in the permanent art collection of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, housed at the FIU Honors College.


Cuba La Strada 2015,  Sirene 2016, A World Imagined 2017,

New York Connected and Disconnected  2018,

A  Journey Home 2018, Urban Experience 2019,

SHE Ethiopia 2020,  SHE  Wisdom 2020,

SHE India Ma Ganga 2020, The Dreamcatcher 2020.